How To See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp ?

Whatsapp: A third-party app called WhatsRemoved+ can help you reveal deleted messages. This third-party app lets users see all the deleted messages on WhatsApp. The app is currently only available for Android users.

If you have an Android smartphone, follow these steps to see deleted messages.

-First, you need to download the app called WhatsRemoved+ from the Google Play Store.

-Once downloaded, open the app and finish setting it up by granting access to all the permissions the app asks for.

-Once you have granted all the permissions, the app will ask you to select the app/apps of which you want to save the notifications. From the list, select WhatsApp and tap on Next.

-On the next screen tap Yes, Save Files followed by tapping Allow. This will finish setting up the app and it will be ready for use.

-Now every single notification that you received will be present on the WhatsRemoved+ app. This will also include all the deleted messages. To check your deleted messages, open the app and select WhatsApp from the top bar.

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