Say Goodbye To WhatsApp After May 15 If You Don’t Accept Policy

Say Goodbye To WhatsApp After May 15 If You Don’t Accept Its New Policy
WhatsApp’s new privacy policy comes into effect from May 15. The messaging app has explained intimately what’s getting to happen if you are doing not accept the new terms.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy goes to return into effect on May 15. The Facebook-owned messaging platform was alleged to roll it out on January 8 but decided to push it back after receiving serious flack globally. Meanwhile, the corporate is taking several measures to teach its users about the new privacy policy and usage terms through the in-app pop-up notifications and ‘Stories’ feature. Recently, the corporate also published an explainer on its commonly asked question webpage to clarify what is going to happen after May 15 if you are doing not accept the new privacy terms. Here is everything you would like to know:

What is WhatsApp privacy policy?

Say Goodbye To WhatsApp After May 15 If You Don’t Accept Its New Policy - Privacy Policy

WhatsApp’s privacy policy mainly relates to messaging between businesses and their customers on WhatsApp. the corporate has said that parts of knowledge of these interacting with businesses on WhatsApp are stored on Facebook’s servers and mainly employed by WhatsApp for targeting ads on Facebook.

WhatsApp privacy policy: What happens if you do not accept by May 15?

If you don’t accept the new privacy policy by May 15, WhatsApp isn’t getting to delete your account. However, you’ll not be ready to utilize the app fully as certain functionalities are going to be removed if you are doing not accept the new policy. For a brief time, you’ll be ready to receive calls and notifications on the app, but you’ll not be ready to send or read messages from the app.
“To maintain security, limit data retention, and protect the privacy of our users, WhatsApp accounts are generally deleted after 120 days of inactivity. Inactivity means the user hasn’t connected to WhatsApp,” the policy read.

Those who don’t wish to simply accept the company’s new privacy policy will have the choice to export their chat history on Android or iPhone and download a report of their account. WhatsApp account on Android, iPhone, or KaiOS are often deleted also.

However, do confine mind that when done, the message history related to the account is going to be erased and therefore the user are going to be faraway from all their WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp backups are going to be deleted also upon deleting the WhatsApp account.

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